Friday, April 9, 2010

Welcome to the official Andre Williams blog. At age 74, Andre is not slowing down one bit. You can catch Andre on tour in Europe starting April 29 for two weeks. He'll be backed by The Goldstars and gigs include France, Germany, Italy, and Belgium. You can get the gig schedule here: He has recently released his first novel called Sweets on Kicks books and he will have copies on tour to sign. He has a new record coming out on Bloodshot called "That's All I Need". You can get it here: And- his documentary, Agile, Mobile, and Hostile" is showing now on Hula.
We will be posting notes and photos from the tour and giving all updates as we go.
Thanks for checking out MR. Rhythm!


  1. yay! i have some great photos + video from his show in cleveland, drop me a line if you wanna check em out!

  2. Hi Skipper,
    Do you have a contact email for Andre Willaims?
    I would like to do an interview for a new underground magazine.


    My email is